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Moose Lodge No.107 vs. Irvis

The Moose Lodge in Harrisburg refused to serve Pennsylvania State Congressman Leroy Irvis.

My father, Bud Rubin, fought on behalf of Representative Irvis in this civil rights case. In 1972, he took the case to The United States Supreme Court. When we were all evacuated during Hurricane Agnes, Dad stayed in York, preparing his brief, while dealing with the flooding
in our home.

Dad argued that because
The Moose Lodge had a state liquor license, they were not a private entity.

So, their refusal to serve Representative Irvis was
a violation of the 14th Amendment, and The Lodge's discrimination can and
should be outlawed under
U.S. federal law.

At 89, my Father continues
to positively and ethically improve lives
. Former chairman of the Tax Law Section of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, he provides expertise in complex, multi-state taxation, and he is a clarinetist with pure musical talent, who sacrificed a music career to support his family, through his legal practice.

This needs to be stated:
My Dad has never advised
me on any of my Art or work.

From the day of my birth, he
has encouraged self-direction and free expression, along with self-discipline.