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My Biracial
Extended Family

Leaders of York, Pennsylvania's African American Community were extended family.

We shared many family dinners with Roy and Delores Borom, who contributed to raising us, as did Ray Crenshaw, for which
I am grateful.

After having children, my mother, Peggy Cohen Rubin, a graduate of Wellesley College, returned to school to earn her Master of Social Work Degree at the University
of Maryland.

My Uncle Roy Borom was on the staff at the University.

Uncle Roy and my mother commuted to Baltimore and back every day, with the full support and trust of their spouses, of course.

Later, when she was a Legislative Analyst for the Pennsylvania Department
of Welfare, my mother commuted to Harrisburg with Ray Crenshaw.

The Rubins, Cohens, Boroms and the Crenshaws were overcoming York's history of antisemitism and racism. It was a ground-breaking collaboration.

Even earlier, in 1947, my politician Grandfather, Herbert Cohen, supported the candidacy of an African American Candidate who ran for the PA House of Representatives from the 4th Congressional District.
The photos of my parents and myself are being updated.